1. imaginismcanvas:

    Recognize the importance of setting goals.

    Let’s say you have the extraordinary ability to kick a ball farther and more accurately than anyone you know. As a result, you want to become a soccer player. But then when you’re on the soccer pitch and the ball comes to you, you just kick it as hard as you can in whatever direction you’re facing. Just being on a pitch and kicking a ball doesn’t make you a soccer player; at this stage, you are just someone who can kick a ball.

  2. nateswinehart:

    Being good to each other is so important, guys.


  3. New illustation on my site, go take a look!

    Nana Osaki fan art by Leena Cruz



  4. Thank you so much to the wonderful person who bought my design based on Khal Drogo ♥ Hope you love your new t-shirt!

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  6. It’s Morphin Time!


  7. batgirlofburnside:


    The new Batgirl design has been often credited to Cameron Stewart OR Babs Tarr but rarely to the both of them. The design process was in fact a collaboration with both artists contributing to the final design.

    Cameron: When DC first approached me about taking over Batgirl as…

  9. The Khal

  10. vintagegal:

    “Exposing Hot Money Honeys” (detail) for Best True Fact Detective cover, January, 1952